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Sea Harvester Tackle Ltd Company Profile

About Us: Founded in 2002, Sea Harvester Tackle Ltd is a testament to New Zealand's spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship in the fishing ,diving and marine industrys. Beginning our journey in a modest garage in Whangarei, we have evolved into a pioneering leader in the fishing and marine accessories sector. As a 100% New Zealand owned and operated company, we are deeply rooted in the local culture and are committed to contributing to our community's economic and environmental wellbeing.

Owners: George and Sharon Culley, the visionary minds behind Sea Harvester Tackle, have led the company with passion and dedication since its inception. Under their stewardship, the company has seen exponential growth, expanding from a small garage setup to a significant presence in the marine accessories market.

Facilities: Our state-of-the-art warehouses span a total floor area of 950 sq m, enabling us to house an extensive range of products and manage operations efficiently. This space reflects our growth and commitment to providing the best quality and service to our customers.

Team: Janet Kenyon, a cornerstone of Sea Harvester Tackle, has been with us from the very beginning. As our warehouse manager, Janet ensures that every product meets our high standards and is delivered to our customers in perfect condition.

Products and Services: At Sea Harvester Tackle, we pride ourselves on our extensive range of products that cater to the diverse needs of the fishing, diving and marine enthusiasts. Our product line includes locally manufactured and imported fishing tackle, dive masks, snorkels, fins, gloves, and a comprehensive range of marine accessories. We are committed to innovation and excellence, constantly expanding our product range to include the latest and most effective marine products.

Brands: We own and operate several renowned brands, including Smiths Jigs, Mrs Palmer Game Lures, Duel Knives, Zeets Lures, Mad About Fishing, Sea Harvester, and Icebin New Zealand. Each brand is a leader in its respective market segment, known for quality, durability, and performance.

Mission and Vision: Our mission is to provide the marine and fishing communities with high-quality, reliable products that enhance their experiences and contribute to the conservation of our marine ecosystems. We envision Sea Harvester Tackle as a global leader in marine and fishing products, maintaining our commitment to quality, sustainability, and community.