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Sea Harvester Surf Casting Button

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The Sea Harvester Surf Fishing Trigger Button is a casting aid designed to enhance the casting distance and accuracy when surf fishing,
It is specifically used in conjunction with a fishing rod and reel setup.

Casting Aid: The Sea Harvester Trigger Button is designed to provide leverage and power during the casting motion, allowing for longer and more accurate casts.
It helps generate extra force and control, particularly when casting heavy sinkers or bait rigs from the shoreline.

Increased Distance: By utilizing the Trigger button , surf anglers can achieve greater casting distances compared to traditional casting methods.
The trigger aids in generating more power and launching the bait or sinker out into the surf or beyond the surf break.

Improved Accuracy: The Sea Harvester Trigger button enhances casting accuracy by providing a stable and consistent release point.
This allows anglers to cast with precision, targeting specific areas or structures where fish are likely to be present.


Design: The Sea Harvester Trigger button features a durable and lightweight construction.
t consists of a trigger-style grip that is attached to the fishing rod near the reel seat.
The trigger extends outward and provides an ergonomic grip for added control during the casting motion.

Compatibility: The Sea Harvester Trigger button is designed to be compatible with various fishing rod models.
It can be attached to most surf casting rods with reel seats that have an appropriate configuration for the trigger to be mounted securely, or alternativly further up the rod blank.