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Paua Knife/Measure Tool

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“This new plastic paua knife and measurer is a great new tool for protecting our paua fisheries and we are delighted to be able to provide it to paua divers”

“We want to work with divers to ensure that paua is returned to the ocean in the best possible shape and is more likely to survive”

Paua bleed profusely and their blood doesn’t clot which can lead to premature death.

Metal fishing knives and screwdrivers are often used to take paua from their bedding on rock; this can injure the paua, often fatally.

This specially designed knife can be slid gently under the paua to break the suction without injury.

This means divers can return undersized paua without injury by placing them back on the rock where they were found if, after measuring, it is found they are too small.

Fishers use this tool to ensure we protect our precious paua stocks for future generations.

We also want to remind fishers that the daily catch limit is 5 Paua per person per day”

This rule came into effect 31/08/2023

"Limit your catch , Dont catch your limit"

New Zealand Made Product